‘Le Figaro’ announces the painter’s exhibition in Versailles. 
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'Le Figaro' announces the exhibition of the Russian painter Nikolai Kuzmin in Versailles.


November 6, 2006


An Exhibition. A painter to discover. Nikolay Kuzmin, a Russian artist, whose painting with a spatula gives the feeling of great fluidity despite the thickness of matter demanded by his technique.

Painting portraits, intimate scenes, landscapes, this remarkable artist, who was born in a peasant family on the banks of the river Volga, is a heir to expressionism, indeed fauvism. But he is also searching for the limits of representation, blurring his contours until he brings to mind a certain abstraction in luminous compositions.

Till November 12th, Carré à la Farine, 70 bis, rue de la Paroisse in Versailles (+33 (0)1 39 51 52 04).


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